"Comrades mine and I in the midst, and their memory ever to keep, for the dead I loved so well, ..."
Walt Whitman


This Gallery ~ the images and the various readable stories found here, is dedicated to the friends who have been a part of my life in the mountains. My intent from the beginning has always been to showcase, with images and stories, the adventures and camaraderie I have shared with this gang of mavericks over the past 40 years. As the sand slowly sifts through the hourglass I realize that my friend Earl clearly understood what was at stake when he happily emoted — "If your not doing anything, you're burning daylight".

There are numerous ways to explore the image gallery.

  • From the home page you can choose to watch a brief slide show from my 'younger' days. You can also click thru to the gallery and start exploring the site.
  • Once there you can choose an activity category to view from the horizontal menu bar. You will then be presented with a list of available albums and stories in that selected activity category organized by state, province or country.
  • Please note that not all albums are specific to a particular year. Searching by year will thus not always return the desired results. Better to search by category if you can't find what you are looking for.


Image Gallery Categories w/ Image Count & Album Count
# Category # of Images in Category # of Albums in Category  
1 mountains 255 7  
2 alpine 2720 65  
3 expeditions 552 10  
4 northeast 248 8  
5 ice 390 6  
6 rock 495 17  
7 desert 90 3  
8 skiing 122 5  
Totals: 4914 121  


A list of where everyone (more or less) fits into the big picture. Expand a list and then click a name to do a search of the database for all images of a particular person.
A list by decade with a link to all the images of that person. (being rebuilt)


Most likely of little or no interest to pretty much everyone ... but
Like the writer who slaves over a story to get it just right, or the photographer who keeps going back to a certain location knowing that better lighting can be had — writing code is a similar endeavor. Many years of trial and error, of scrapping it all and starting over, of just plain knowing it can be down better have lead me to this point where all the little nuances of the trade can now be brought together in one display - the results of finally having a pretty clear understanding of client and server side technologies involved.

The server side code is just your basic PHP::PDO library making calls on several MySQL tables using rather simple JOINS. jQuery is used to paginate thru the result set and for the lightbox.

The fifth version of the image gallery was a fully responsive update to the big leap of version 4. We now come to version 6 which is more of a subtle update than anything else. The biggest change is that search is now fully integrated into the site design. The search function uses a four-column index so the query can match agains alot more information and return fairly accurate results. A tag cloud has been added for no reason other than learning how to do one seemed like a good idea.

All the shots scanned from 35mm slides were done using a Konica-Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400II. I shot my last role of Fuji Velvia in March 2009. Since then I have gone thru 4 generations of small compact 'enthusiast' cameras starting with the Lumix LX3 and LX5. I moved over to Olympus in 2013 with the XZ-2 and just this year upgraded that to the wonderful Stylus 1 with its 28-300 optical zoom at a fixed aperture of 2.8. Shooting outdoors without an EVF is darn near impossible - particularly on snow. Fortunately the EVF (electronic viewfinder) on the Stylus 1 is top notch. The camera may have a small sensor, but you still get a very sharp image without a lot of noise when shooting @ 100 ISO.

I have not spent alot of time worrying about whether this thing is completely cross browser friendly. But, for most part it is and while there are inconsistencies in presentation (read IE8) they are minimal. Javascript libraries are available to make old versions of IE play nice with modern techniques. The site is 'responsive' but it makes no pretenses of being a mobile first website.

Its probably all geek speak to most of you, but for those who are inclined to wonder how it was built, this is at least a simple explanation of the project in conceptual form.


May also be found under the News link.